About Vario Fashion

Vario Fashion offers you a large selection of bags, accessories and jewellery.


All the bags in our shop are made of the best and high-quality materials. In the modern world we all like individual things which make our look not only perfect but also unique.

In our shop you will definitely make a right choice and find the bag which will will fit best to you.

Leather – is classic material for the bags. Our bags are made of the best and high-quality leather. Traditional and modern leather working techniques served for creation of different styles and looks. All this is to be seen in our shop.

You also find bags made of a combination of different materials – this makes every bag to something special.

Also synthetic leather is a very good choice, because of its posibility to look modern and stylish. A high-quality synthetic leather has a lot of advantages in the world of fashion. So this is no longer worse than a real leather. In some cases there can be developed even more interesting styles with synthetic leather than with real leather. In our shop we offer many interesting and modern items made of high-quality synthetic leather.


Jewellery is an important part of our look.

Vario Fashion offers you a large selection of jewellery and bijouterie.

Fashion jewellery and jewellery with precious stones, jewellery for special occasions or for every day.

In our shop you can find the best gift for your most beloved people or for yourself!